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Dec 23, 2011 6:00am EST
the board in urban china. if that happens, 20, 30% over relatively short period, your going to see a lot of bankruptcies in the developers, amongst the developers. they will pull a lot of bankruptcies in the construction industry and in the thousands of supplier industry, all the construction materials. that has not happened so far. could happen, and if it happens it will be bad. it will be hard to stop. my sense is that beijing feels comfortable that they can keep this under control. they're first line of defense would not be to reopen the monitory spigots as they did in 2009. the first line of defense, if they fear a precipitous price decline in the property sector, now would be to undo some of the administrative restrictions on house purchasing to introduce april last year. both beijing and shanghai, to largest, have decided in recent days they won't do that. they will keep all these administrative restrictions in place. to me that suggests that they are not worried about a precipitous price decline. at least not yet. since that is the most important domestically engineered source of
Dec 14, 2011 6:00pm EST
>>> china blasts off. china is rocketing into the 21st century and not just the chinese program has ambitious goals. including building a manned space station and completing an unmanned lunar mission by the end of the decade. but is there an ulterior purpose? does china also have military aspirations in space? we'll ask this expert on chinese military and aero space affairs, dean cheng. captions produced by visual audio captioning >> dean cheng, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> how robust are chinese space capabilities? >> china has a space power in the sense that it has both a launcher capacity. it produces its own satellites and it has its own mission control facilities. that puts it into basically one of only three or four countries that can do that. >> would you say it's on a par today with russia? >> in some ways it may actually be ahead of russia. >> really? >> yes, it spends about three times as much in terms of sheer money than the russian space budget item. >> how about the technology? >> it varies. >> in relation to russian technology. >> r
Dec 21, 2011 10:00am EST
market and for similar reasons it will include china. even in good circumstances, europe is likely to see a shallow recession, indeed one that has probably already begun. this is in fact the baseline that most people are working off of. however, in the worst circumstances, a breakup of the euro will slow the continent and possibly the whole world into a multi-year depression. i personally am not at all sure that the europeans can handle the problem on their own not just because of their political divisions but because economically the problem has become too big for the healthy core of europe to handle. for that reason, i have argued for imf enlargement supported by all its members beginning with the united states and china has a badly needed insurance policy. that is my introduction on the 2011 and euro crisis. now would like to kick off a conversation in the panel and i have encouraged them to disagree with each other, disagree with ourselves, among ourselves. and to comment as we go along. i will direct the first question hans stimmer and ask him how he sees the outlook for the advance
Dec 21, 2011 11:00pm EST
it will include china. even in good circumstances europe is likely to see a shallow recession, indeed, one that has probably already begun. this is in fact the baseline that most people are not working on. however, in the worst circumstances possibly the whole world and to a multiyear digression. i personally am not at all sure that the europeans can handle the problem on their own, not just because of the political divisions, but because of the economic problems that have become too big for the health the growth of europe to handle. for that reason i have argued for imf enlargement, supported by all its members beginning with the united states and china as a badly needed insurance policy. so that is my introduction on the 2011 and on the euro crisis. and now want to kick off a conversation. agree with each other, i agree with ourselves, among ourselves. and to comments when is the golan. and i'm going to direct the first question to hans timmer and as give how he sees the outlook for the advanced countries in 2012 and how it might affect their rising markets. >> first of all, thank you fo
Dec 25, 2011 11:00am EST
, >>> for decades china has diligently worked to build a high tech air force but hasn't always been successful despite reforms to its military aviation sector. but that's changing as beijing becomes richer and works smarter to steadily improve air comat capabilities. china is gaining ground so fast it won't be long until it will give western and russian industries a run for their money. our next guest is phil saunders, an expert on the chinese military at the national defense university and the coauthor of a new report, ," buy, build or steal, china's quest for military aviation technologies which details china's aircraft development and procurement strategies." phil, merry christmas and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> how have the chinese been going about trying to build their air force and how effective have they been? >> my coauthor and me talk about three main routes, buy, build or steal. if you buy you can purchase the most advanced aircraft you can get, but it leaves you dependent upon a foreign supplier. if you build it -- >> in the case with the russians where they get their ai
Dec 19, 2011 2:00am PST
ally. the flag at the north korean embassy in the chinese capitol was lowered to half staff. china's state-run shin juan news agency reports beijing expresses deep kol condolences over the north korean leader. attention is shifting to the next leader kim jong un, state media referring to him as the great successor. we want to take a closer look at the heir apparent, the youngest son of kim jong-il believed to be 27 or 28 years old. he is the son of the elder kim's late third wife. now, because of his age and lack of experience, he's said to be a political novice. in 2009 he reportedly took a low-level post at the national defense commission and that's north korea's highest ruling agency led by his father. last year he was promoted to four star general, seen as a stepping stone to taking over from his father. he shares a physical resemblance to his father. like his father he may also have diabetes. it's believed as a boy he secretly attended boarding school in switzerland and then kim ill su military academy named for his grandfather. he reportedly is a big fan of basketball and mic
Dec 19, 2011 12:00am EST
is there was a lot of ships coming from china to the u.s. fully laiden, but going back half empty because, you know, the things that america exports to china are not bulky. it's more intellectual property and iou's from the government. she thought, i'll load the waste paper on the half empty ships, send it back to china, and recycle it there. she used her contact back in china to set up factories, recycle it into card board boxes and you put the tvs in those boxes and send it back to america. she's now a billionaire in china and straddling both countries, and she's able to link the two. >> host: did she face -- what was the approach or the response by the chinese government in her setting up the factories? did she find any red tape? were there any hurdles to doing that? >> guest: i'm sure there was quite a lot of red tape, but, you know, very often in china, if you want to do business there, it's not a simple, you know, there are a bunch of laws, and if you follow them, you are okay. it's a lot more about knowing the right people and knowing who you can trust and who you can't, and that's one of th
Dec 17, 2011 10:00pm EST
also ships coming from china to the u.s. but going back half empty because you know the things that america exports to china tend not to be very bulky, things like movies and intellectual property and things from the government. she thought hold on, why don't i load up all this waste paper onto these half empty ships, send it back to china and recycle it there so you have contacts back in china to set up factories, to recycle the stuff into card or boxes and then of course you have cardboard boxes to send back to america. she is a billionaire and straddling both countries. her family struggles both countries and she's able to link to them. >> host: robert, what was the response by the chinese government in her setting up the factory? did she find any red tape? were there any hurdles to doing that? >> guest: i'm sure there was quite a lot of red tape but very often in china, if he wants to do business there, it's not simple. there are a bunch of laws and if you follow them you are okay. it's a lot more knowing the right people in knowing who you can trust and who you can't and t
Dec 6, 2011 12:30am PST
. >> russia's parliamentary election favored vladimir putin 's party. all eyes on china. we get reaction from greenpeace china. it is 12 noon here in singapore. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. welcome to "newsday." we do not have time, the warning from the french president what he meant germany's chancellor. the latest attempt to hammer out the plans to see the eurozone. president sarkozy's sense of urgency was underlined when standard and poor's base -- placed the -- almost the entire eurozone on credit watch. >> european leaders have procrastinated for months and credit rating agency has put almost the entire eurozone on credit watch. within 90 days, s&p has reviewed the finances of those countries. there is a 5050 chance that come can see there credit rating downgraded. a credit downgrade would be a severe blow to countries like italy and spain which have already seen the cost of borrowing rice severely. for germany which has been the economic powerhouse it could also set them back severely. they have enjoyed a truly great readi
Dec 1, 2011 5:00am EST
. >> china's factory slowed down as export orders fall in the u.s. and europe. >> welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. also coming up, the emotional journey to a land who lost a percentage of -- why the secret to earthquakes may lie with these little reptiles. >> thanks for joining us. although historic talks have been taking place between the u.s. and burma, hillary clinton says sanctions against the country will not be lifted until the country makes much more democratic reform. burma has been promising reform but their actions have been insufficient to warrant the lifting of sanctions. and described the visit as a milestone. china, burma's main ally called for international sanctions against burma to be lifted. in the center of thailand our correspondent said china's call for those sanctions to go will be seen as premature by the americans. >> all sides are kind of feeling their way and trying to work out where this whole process may lead. burma finds itself in the middle now of a situation where everybody wants to try to engage with the country and try to pull it or push anytime
Dec 19, 2011 12:00am PST
would not affect north korea negatively. finally, china offered its deep condolences on the death of kim. china is, of course, a close ally of north korea. now, in south korea, much of the region is concerned what might come next in north korea's leadership ranks once kim's personality is stripped away. we asked former south korean ambassador to the u.s. about that. >> i was the foreign minister when his father, kim sung, his son, died in 1994. and we had then, and i'm sure right now, we had plans to make our military and security ready for any unforeseen and untoward provocations or events, and also we had to see what's going on. a very important part of the preparation would be to have very close consultation with other countries, particularly allies of the united states, japan, china, russia and so on. >> and so what do you think is happening inside pyongyang right now? >> well, han sung took two days to announce the death of kim jong il and also the makeup of what they call the funeral committee which consists of 232 members headed by kim jong un, the third son, and so they are tryin
FOX News
Dec 17, 2011 7:00am PST
how to put americans back to work. >> first, what china just did to u.s. companies that's driving the donald crazy. and enough to fire off a letter to president obama. this you got to hear. and in 1942, of course, they were sent away. after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america. we have four stores now, three in the pacific northwest and one in oregon. my parents would not believe how popular it is now. of course, neither do i. solution? td ameritrade mobile trader. i can enter trades on the run. even futures and 4x. complex options, done. [ cellphone rings ] thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. plus get up to $600 when you open an account. >> good morning, this is a fox news alert. it's a working weekend for the senate as you can see, a sho
Dec 19, 2011 6:00am PST
-gathering on the upcoming situation surrounding north korea. work closely with the united states, south korea, china, and other related countries, and take appropriate measures to prepare for emergencies. >> noda also said he spoke on the phone with south korean president lee myung-bak on monday and they agreed to cooperate to prepare for any emergency. noda referred to the issue of north korea's abductions of japanese nationals. saying the government will do its best to gather information to determine how the issue is affected by kim's death. for more insight, nhk world spoke with deputy foreign minister, hitoshi tanaka. >> translator: i was surprised at the news of kim's death, there's no reason to believe that north korea has solidified its transition of power. we have to keep a close watch on the situation for the time being. i negotiated with north korea behind the scenes for one year. during the negotiations the country made decisions through talks among officials. north korea is under dictatorship. but it seems to allow a group of officials around the leader to make decisions. north korea is
Dec 22, 2011 1:00pm EST
with china. in china for many years -- where competitors, they look at others with suspicion. they have different economic interests. their negotiations particular in economic issues are very difficult indeed. having said that, if we manage to create major issues -- relations with both china and russia, at least on the tactical level, some kind of alliance or at least an agreement between these two powers is quite possible. and then it into national politics would not be quite the same. let me end on a very simple note. we have choices to make in the u.s. policy toward russia. secretary clinton was very critical of russian elections, and probably with some reason. at the same time, it is really foreign minister lieberman was in moscow meeting with prime and esther putin -- prime minister putin, and in front of the tv cameras mr. lieberman said he talked to is really observers of russian elections and they all told him that there were no serious issues. i can assure you that mr. lieberman, whose family came from the soviet union, and who is a very conservative is really leader, to the ri
Dec 14, 2011 4:00am EST
tonight with zhang xin the ceo of soho china and it's been one of the biggest contributors to china's growth and concerning china's housi bubble can go bust. home prices nationwid nationwid the third straight month in november and average prices are down about 40% from their peak in mid-2009 and in beijing more than 1,000 real estate agencies have closed this year. charlie spoke with zhang xin last month and here is that interview. >> charlie: tell me what's going on in your particular sector the commercial and real estate market in china. >> this year i think china's real estate market is probly the most challenging in the 16 years i' been in this industry. you read headline news that property prices go down and so on and that's because the government has exercised an austerity measure to control. if you own one apartment you simply cannot buy a second one. for commercial real estate which we do, it doesn't quite apply but what it does matter is when the credit is really tight in the country because chinese government is trying to fight against inftion andtherefore tightening the c
Dec 12, 2011 5:00pm EST
this month -- ten years ago actually tomorrow, i believe, this -- the people's republic of china officially joined the world trade organization. american businesses, we were told, would gain new access to chinese markets through the removal of trade barriers through increased transparency, through more stringent protection of intellectual property rights. china promised to follow the rule of law, to reform its legal system, and in turn would gain new access to global markets. at the time it joined the world trade organization, china made a number of promises. chinese leaders pledged to reduce trade barriers and open up markets. they promised to increase transparency, protect intellectual property rights and reform their legal system. supporters of the people's republic of china, including a strong majority, unfortunately, of members of this body and in the house of representatives, other supporters of the people's republic of china were most of america's, almost all of america's largest corporate c.e.o.'s argued that the w.t.o. membership would bring human rights and freedom and the rule of
Dec 14, 2011 7:00pm PST
in china to turn things around. the tsunami last march washed away all of his company's plans. the company was unable to process seafood. managers were forced to lay off 84 employees, more than half their workforce. >> translator: i think it will take a number of years until we get back to where we were before the disaster. >> reporter: still, managers from 18 other small businesses hit by the march disaster are trying their best. they pitched their products to companies from all over china. the team is back to work. but it's slow going. sales have dropped about 80% since the disaster. he has no idea when his plants will get going again. so he and his colleagues are planning to move their processing to china to seek out new opportunities. a steady stream of representatives from chinese corporations stopped by his booth. nearly all of them sampled the shrimp. >> translator: it's tender and delicious. >> reporter: he headed out after a long day to a japanese restaurant. chinese customers are eating more and more japanese food. so he talked about a technique developed at his plant that preser
Dec 1, 2011 12:00pm EST
face-to-face with his wife. covering the world this afternoon, a major discovery in china suggests the superpower may be hiding the truth about its nuclear capabilities. chris lawrence has a closer look at what is being called time the's underground great wall -- undergrounda's great wall. >> while china was digging these tunnels, this professor was digging into china. they have produced the world's largest report on china's tunnels. china admits there were dug by a secretive branch of the military, responsible -- they were dug by a secret a branch of the military, responsible for deploying warheads. >> 3,000 miles of tunnels. >> can you put that in perspective? >> imagine a tunnel 30 feet by 20 feet high, running from nova scotia to tijuana. >> he is a former pentagon strategist who used to look for weaknesses in the old soviet union. he says china could have as many as 3000 nuclear warheads. >> the problem with the steady and the way that it comes to this estimate is that the students and their professor make the assumption that, because china is working on this system of undergr
Dec 18, 2011 9:00pm PST
no real movement there. china is the main moving force behind the six-party talks. it is also the only ally to north korea. and stan grant is live in beijing for us. the question, the six-party nuclear talks will be on hold for quite some time and people are wondering what will happen with north korea's nuclear program? >> yeah, it was only just last week that glen day n davies was expressing some optimism about a return to the talks. interesting as well, china had taken such a lead role in bringing this together. what was fascinating about this six-party talks was that you brought so many enemies if you like, certainly rivals to the table. we know that north korea has had problems with japan, south korea and the united states. china and japan of course have had their ongoing tensions. historically based tensions. china and the united states is an emerging superpower rivals throughout the region. it was a framework that allowed all of those contending, competing interests to sit down around a table. but really what was crucial in all of this, what north korea had stressed that it wante
Dec 18, 2011 10:00pm PST
consultation with the other countries, particularly the allies, the united states and china. russia and so on. >> and so what do you think is happening inside pyongyang right now? >> well, pyongyang took two days to announce the death of kim jong il and also announce the makeup of the -- what they call the funeral committee. which consists of 232 members headed by kim jong un, the third son. and so they are trying to put up a face that is both orderly a aand united. we are not sure whether that's what's natural or whether there was any foul play, but regardless, they are trying to put up the best face. under the circumstances. >> now, china is north korea's closest ally of course and now this video just in. it shows the flag being lowered at north korea's embassy in beijing. and people watch as the flag is raised and lowered again to half-staff. again, this in beijing. all in mourning for kim jong il. >>> now, stan grant joining us from the chinese capital. stan, so much on the line. how is beijing, which is the closest ally, how are they weighing the news of kim jong il? >> well, as you'd ex
Dec 22, 2011 1:00am EST
that stuff is out there. . . what are the risks for china coming from the u.s.? the economic and political relations? >> european pivot is welcome by china. they see europe and giving china a more attention. the american pivot toward china as was discussed a couple of weeks ago, has raised tensions. they see this as a resurfacing of u.s. objectives, a return to a dominant role in asia. these pivots have a different perception within china. this is an election year coming. the transfer of power in china to the next generation of leadership. these political events are going to complicate the economic discussions. it begins with the anti-currency bill and it is showed -- showing upper elsewhere the terps on the engines going into china are being looked at him negatively on the hill. their effort to protect these problems. china sees this as tit-for-tat in terms of the tariffs which were slapped upon their exports to the united states. of a larger significance is the barriers better restricting u.s. exports of chicken feed. it accounts for $300 million in exports to china. it is useless in uni
Dec 18, 2011 9:00pm EST
she noticed were that there were lots of ships coming from china to the u.s. fully laden. but going back half empty because, you know, the things that america exports to china tend not to be very bulky. it's like movies and intellectual property and ious from the goth. government. and so she thought, well, hold on, why don't i load up this waste paper on these half empty ships, send it back to china and recycle it there. so she used her contacts to set up some factories to recycle this stuff into cardboard boxes and, of course, she put tvs into them and send them back to america. she's now one of the richest women in china. completely straddling both countries. her family straddles both countries, and she's able to link the two. >> host: and, robert, what was the approach by the, or the response by the chinese government in her setting up the factories? did she find any red tape, was there any, were there any hurd p les to doing that? >> i'm sure there was quite a lot of red tape. very often in china if you want to do business there, it's not a simple, you know, there are a bunch of
Dec 13, 2011 11:00pm PST
. >> and zhang xin ceo of soho china. >> we're to where we are by privatizing everything not states owning everything that's where it is. real estate happens to be the lot of liberated. many other industes a still too much controlled by the government and state-owned >> charlie's conversations when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: john hurt is here. 's an actor famous for his diverse and masterful performances on theatre and film and tackled everything to the harry potter movie and nominated twice for the elephant man and david lynch once called him the greatest actor in the world. here's a look at some of his grtest performances. >> help me. employee. >> no. >> employ me. >> no. >> i would be faithful. >> best thing to do is to get yourself out of here best way you can. but how? >> catch the midnight express. >> what's that? 's not a train. it's a prison word. escape. [ yelling >> i am not an animal. i am a human being. [ groaning ] >> oh, no. not again. i've had a long time to make enemies, docto
Dec 1, 2011 6:00am PST
. at the same time, china is expanding its presence in this part of the world. myanmar is a step towards democracy has provided the united states with an opportunity to re-engage with the country. from myanmar's side, it has a strong desire for more productive relationship with the united states. it sees this as a way of growing its economy. myanmar has been a closed country and is one of the poorest in the southeast asia region. myanmar has a lot of resources, including natural gas, as well as a cheap labor force. for the government of myanmar, democratization is a means of getting sanctions lifted and encouraging investments from overseas. on friday, clinton is planning to meet with pro-democracy leader, aung san suu kyi. the meeting will be a high profile chance for aung san suu kyi to talk about her cause. she will likely want to move in step with the united states to put pressure on the myanmar government to continue the reforms. the momentum towards democracy is being driven by both international and domestic forces. it is becoming increasingly irreversible. >> that was jun kobayas
Dec 11, 2011 6:00pm PST
in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. unanimous werner reports the latest. rare photos of women on china's death row. celia hatton shows us how they shed new light on beijing's approach to execution. and basketball brawl. bow cynthia bowers has the blow-by-blow of a rivalry that got way out of hand. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. captioning sponsored by cbs russ mitchell is off tonight. the 12th republican presidential debate last night was also the next-to-last debate before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucus, which is 23 days out. dean reynolds in des moines has more on the high-stakes free-for-all. >> as the latest king of the republican hill, newt gingrich came under attack, but mitt romney took a lot of punch, including some of the self-inflicted variety, for example, when he challenged the truth of an attack by rick perry, romney offered to put money on the table. >> rick, i'll tell you what, $10,000, $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business. >> critics scoffed that it was a sign of romney's wealth and elitism, noting that few iowans could pon
Dec 2, 2011 12:30am PST
and iran to a lot of business together, but iran's key market is in asia and china in particular, and that means more european sanctions can only have a limited impact on iran. for now, the west has agreed to concentrate on stopping iran's military from building nuclear weapons. iran says that its ambitions are peaceful. almost 200 individuals and companies now face sanctions. >>> developments in that syria? >> yes, syria's main opposition group has struck a deal with the insurgents who call themselves the free syrian army to work together against the government of president assad. the opposition syrian national council said it would use force only in order to protect civilians. from neighboring turkey, we have this report. >> opposition to president assad comes in many forms. there are those who campaign overseas, building diplomatic support for their cause. and there are those who fight, risking all inside syria. until now, there is little connection between the former soldiers of the free syrian army and the academic and intellectuals of the syrian national council, the main o
Dec 22, 2011 12:00am EST
is the former governor of the great state of utah, also a former united states ambassador to china. he is now a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, here he is, jon huntsman. jon, come on out. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) how you doing? welcome to the program. you know, i think-- maybe it was a couple of years ago i was watching television during the day and they had a thing up, and barack obama was saying that you were leaving your post as ambassador to china, and he wished you well, and your time there was well regarded, and he really appreciated all you've done. i go, well, that's interesting. and because of that sendoff, i thought you were probably in the same party but you, in fact, were a republican and working under a democratic administration. >> in fact, a republican. i worked for president reagan, worked for president bush. i come from this old school belief, dade dave, when your country asks you to serve, your president is your president, regardless of party. >> dave: that's the way it's supposed to work. ( applause ) >> absolut
Dec 1, 2011 7:00am EST
records burma for progress, -- america records burma for progress. why there are fewer "made in china" labels around. manufacturing output down for the first time in nearly three years. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 1:00 in brussels, where william hague is pushing for more sanctions against iran at a meeting of fellow foreign ministers. the talks come two days after iranian protesters stormed the british mission in iraq. mr. hague suggested that iran's money spending oil industry could be targeted. he acknowledged there could be a variety of views on that. joining me from brussels is james reynolds. >> george, 48 hours since the diplomatic compounds were rated in tehran. britain has responded by ordering the closure of iran's embassy in london. this morning in brussels, the first time to see if europe will act together. >> this morning in brussels, britain's foreign secretary, william hague, our right to test europe's desire for for the steps against iran. >> europe has taken many measures already. i hope we will agree to additional measures that will be an inte
Dec 14, 2011 5:30pm PST
to this convention in dalian, china to turn things around. the tsunami last march washed away all five of his company's plants. the company was unable to process seafood. managers were forced to lay off 84 employees, more than half their workforce. >> translator: i think it will take a number of years until we get back to where we were before the disaster. >> reporter: still, onodera and managers from 18 other small businesses hit by the march disaster are trying their best. they pitched their products to companies from all over china. onodera and his team are back at work, but it's slow going. sales have dropped about 80% since the disaster. onodera has no idea when his plants will get going again. so he and his colleagues are planning to move their processing to china. to seek out new opportunities. a steady stream of representatives from chinese corporations stopped by onodera's booth. nearly all of them sampled the shrimp. >> translator: it's tender and delicious. >> reporter: onodera headed out after a long day to a japanese restaurant in dalian. chinese customers are eating more and more japane
Dec 14, 2011 6:00am PST
korean fishermen have protested against china. the rally arose after a chinese boat captain stabbed a south korean coast guard officer. the officer was part of a clampdown on chinese illegal fishing in the south exclusive economic zone. about 400 members from fishery cooperatives across the country rallied in the capital. >> translator: the chinese government must control illegal fishing so that marine resources are not depleted in the future. >> participants read statements demanding an immediate halt to illegal fishing and also demanded that china pay damages to south korean fishermen. they later took the statement to the chinese embassy to hand to the ambassador. but no embassy official would meet with the group. one participant had this to say. >> translator: chinese vessels are coming close to our coasts. the country's indiscriminate fishing is threatening to use up fish populations. >> the fishermen also urged the south korean government to step up efforts to prevent illegal fishing by chinese boats. >>> and now an attacker that shot a metal ball at the south korean embassy at
Dec 19, 2011 5:30pm PST
around the embassy. china's state media have reported kim's death without commentary. >> translator: north korea is a poor country. i hope kim's death will turn things around for the better. >> translator: i want north korea to be more open. the nation should organize itself in terms of democracy. north korea will be able to improve the situation if it puts priority on its economy over its military. >> reporter: china's foreign ministry's spokesperson met with reporters on monday afternoon. he expressed his deep condolences to the north korean people on the death of their leader. >> translator: kim was north korea's leader and china's close friend. china hopes to play an active role in achieving peace and stability on the korean peninsula in continued cooperation with north korea. >> reporter: diplomatic sources in beijing say the only change in the north korean government will be kim jong-un taking over as leader. they expect him to be supported by the man who is married to kim jong-il's younger sister. the chinese government appears to be planning to step up security around the bo
Dec 23, 2011 12:30am PST
to china for talks about the nuclear weapons program. >> cricket and combat, still a popular pastime in china after more than 1000 years. >>> the president of kazakhstan has announced he intends to dismiss his son-in-law. at least 16 people died in clashes with the police last week. >> this footage appears to have been filmed from the building overlooking the main square on december 16. it shows the riot police opening fire on protesters. at the video is accompanied by female voices. they are shooting, killing them, they say, as they kicked and beat the injured. the feature was posted on youtube and it is not possible to verify the source. speaking to journalists wednesday, the commander said a state of emergency has been declared. the video is being investigated. in an interview to radio free europe, cassocks stands ambassador to the united states described the footage -- has extend's ambassador to the net to states described the footage as shocking. >> i cannot say anything specific about how this came to be, who made the video, etcetera, etcetera. this is for others to discuss. at
Dec 19, 2011 1:00am PST
sign of what a momentous event kim jong-il's death is. china is, of course, north korea's closest ally and beijing is playing respects to kim jong-il. earlier today, the flag was lowered to half-staff. a crowd of people gathered to watch the symbolic move in honor of kim. and the chinese news agency says beijing expresses deep condolences over passing of kim. other international reaction has been pouring in as well. a u.s. official says north korea faces extraordinary change and uncertainty and that an insecure north korea could be even more dangerous. now, earlier, the white house press secretary issued a statement saying this, quote, we are closely monitoring reports that kim jong-il is dead. the president has been notified. and we're in close touch with our allies in south korea and japan. we remain committed to stability on the korean peninsula and to the freedom and security of our allies. meanwhile, south korea's defense ministry raised its national alert to the second of three levels and the president asks that the people of south korea, quote, concentrate on economic activities
Dec 27, 2011 1:00am PST
-level talks, japan is also planning a deal with china. leaders are pledging stronger financial cooperation between the two countries. china and japan will make it easier for companies to trade in yuan and the yen instead of u.s. dollars. now, have a look at this graph. it shows china's yuan's appreciation against the dollar so far this year. now, sunday's yuan deal, yuan/yen deal wsh i should say, came the day before a yuan hit an all-time high of 6.32 against the dollar. it has since eased -- let's get that back for you -- it's since eased a fraction. but it has still appreciated more than 4.25% in 2011. >>> now, milk products made by china among a dairy company have been found to contain a toxin that can cause cancer. chinese state media are reporting that the products from china's largest dairy by sales were tainted by contaminated feed given to cows. they say they've destroyed the hazardous products and apologized to consumers. it says all its products on the market are safe. food safety scandals have plagued china's dairy industry since 2008. then milk tainted with melamine killed at
FOX News
Dec 16, 2011 2:00pm PST
in any other country? russia, it would be putin debating six other cardboard cut-outs of putin. china, what would they debate? how much we owe them? europe, they couldn't even afford the podiums. say what you want but this was a uniquely american experience, like the super bowl or vegan pet food. >> dana: they have that, owe know. >> greg: i know. i tried it. donald trump is going to join us in the next -- >> bob: wow! >> greg: try to control yourself. keep your pants on. any coverage of last night's debate that struck you as odd? , weird orbiter? >> dana: yes. i have been feeling nostalgic, because my old friend, "new york times," front page story about the debate. picture of newt gingrich. the whole story here. never once mentioned that fox news was the host of the debate different mention any of our moderators. it's amazing what they can do with selective editing at the "new york times." >> greg: see, the "new york times," fox news doesn't exist. just like the midwest. >> dana: unless they have a negative article, then they know everybody's name and know how to spell it. >> greg: w
Dec 13, 2011 7:00pm PST
election. a key factor is the island's new relationship with its political rival, china. president ma yingow of the ruling nationalist party is competing against tsai ing-wen and song chu-yu of the people's first party ahead of the january 14th election. res ent polls such ma and tsai are running neck and neck. ma said the economy grew rapidly through closer ties with china under his one china policy. >> translator: the number of tourists to taiwan surpassed 5 million last year and is expected to reach 6 million this year. it's clear who should be the next president for the island. >> tsai says the one-china policy undermines taiwan's sovereignty and democracy. chu says the policy has deepened taiwan's economic inequality. >> translator: we must have a fair society. then the people of taiwan can unite and move forward. >> official campaigning kicks off on friday. >>> while china enjoys rapid growth, many rural farming villages are being left out of the boom. one journalist is seeking to change that by helping poor children. his effort is gaining support and spreading across the countr
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